Ladies and gentlemen,

Welcome to Veritas, an unnamed open source endeavour, enterprise in sheer originality, something akin to Athenian agora of information spaces.

Modern times require reading between the lines, as discourse gets so incredibly complex at times. And only but a few really can read between the lines that well. Before you can say knife, you've already lost, which is unacceptable for people who like to win.

Veritas is a set of tools for computer specialists as well as the general public, which we will soon be able to use in editing, fact-checking, identity and knowledge management, and many other fields. Veritas lays the map for a new kind of cloud-native applications, meant to not be programmed, but rather described—by means as close to natural language interface as possible. Under the hood, these logos applications rely on state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure (Kubernetes), graph databases, such as Dgraph, a peer-to-peer consensus algorithm, advanced cryptography. The desired technology is made possible by Logos, a novel language language.


Please check out the discussions on our official Forum, or read the original Veritas blackpaper to find out more about where it's coming from. Also, we are currently giving out Veritas accounts, in small batches. We suggest you learn about Eyede, our ephemeral identity database, which will be unavoidable if you would eventually like to get yourself an account.


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