Ladies and gentlemen,

Welcome to Veritas—an unnamed open source endeavour, enterprise of sheer originality, something akin to Athenian agora of information spaces.

Modern discourse is becoming increasingly complex, even more so when it gets heavily entrenched in some domain–specific knowledge. Many attempts were made to somewhat disenchant the language by means of either innocent approach to popular science or crude, shameless populism.

We know for a fact that neither works.

Veritas is a set of tools for computer specialists as well as the general public, that will soon allow them to perform editing, fact-checking, identity and knowledge management at the level of efficiency and integrity never seen before. Veritas Blackpaper lays the map for a new kind of cloud-native applications, meant not to be programmed, but rather described—with interface being as close to natural language, as possible.

This is made possible by Logos, a special language language, as opposed to many programming languages, created for a single purpose of computing in plain English.

Under the hood, these /logotic/ applications rely on the state–of–the–art cloud infrastructure, powered by kubernetes clusters, real–time graph stores, such as dgraph, a distributed transaction ledger, and a modern peer-to-peer consensus algorithm Hive5.

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