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Eyede is Your Ephemeral Device

Eyede, pronounced /eye-dee/, is an ephemeral identity database. As opposed to classic identity databases, it allows you to present yourself anonymously and semi-anonymously via multiple ephemeral identities.

Enter masks. A mask is something that you want to tell about yourself. They are created empty, but can later be populated with features; of which there are two kinds: provable, and non-provable. Provable features are such that can be verified easily over the network, by means of consensus; non-provable features, on the other hand, are completely up to the person behind the mask and cannot be verified. A good example of a non-provable feature is one's favourite animal.

How come it's safe?

Under the hood, every mask is in fact an elliptic curve key, called Ed22519, stored in the 256-bit AES-encrypted form, all state-of-the-art stuff, which makes it as secure and untraceable as the person protecting it. This particular set of algorithms is considered to be very safe and for the time being, resistant to quantum computing.

How is it better than OpenID?

OpenID offers a rigid form of online identity management, in which all of your accounts are linked to one single OpenID account. This seems like a reasonable idea, when you think about it from the authentication standpoint, but it doesn't offer much to anonymity, semi-anonymity, and any actual control over your identity.

Another amazing feature of masks is that often you can pass certain features from one mask to the other, without leaving a trace; this is made possible by anonymous signing over mask rings: as long as one can find themselves in some group, they can use their participating mask to sign off the fact that they belong to this group onto the other, completely unrelated mask.

Consider the whistleblower case. Given that all potential whistleblowers and their corresponding masks are known; as long as I'm in the group, I can sign-off my other, ephemeral mask with the credentials of a legitimate whistleblower in a way that would make it impossible to trace it to me, even if all masks are compromised some time later.

How can I get a mask?

We're currently running fully-fledged Eyede system in experimental mode, but already you can create a mask for yourself!