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🤯 The best password store is your brain.

🤖 Nobody can hack it.

🔒 Always make sure HTTPS connection is secure before exposing any secrets!


Enter a password to calculate a reasonable estimate of its strength as you type it. (Based on Dropbox's zxcvbn.)

strength 0.00%


code breaking

💻shit pc 36 seconds

🖥smart pc less than a second

📟shit server less than a second

🧮super computer less than a second


Write down a phrase to randomly scramble password variations out of it, all eight—instantly available for test.

    To clarify, I will never send, or let alone store your passwords. This page is designed to work without any Internet connection whatsoever. Now, that it has loaded, consider unplugging your network cable, disabling your Wi-Fi, and only then putting in a password — the whole page will work as intended.

    Thank you, github.com/dropbox/zxcvbn.